AUGmentecture for Revit

Revit is knowns as one of the best software for BIM, and combined with AR it facilitates all the construction and planning processes for industry professionals.


Easy to use

With the help of AUGmentecture plugin, you can seamlessly and securely upload your 3D models and floor plans directly from AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® to your AUG account to view them later on your mobile device.


Easily accessible

There is no equipment needed to view the model, except your own mobile device.


Perfect for AEC industry

Combination of AR and BIM helps the AEC professionals to prevent the errors and troubleshoot the problems at the early stages of the project.


Comprehensive for clients

AUGmentecture makes the project more comprehensive for clients, as they can have the 3D twin of their BIM model in its future environment right just on their phone.